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-   Flexible wings are designed with 6° angle

-   Triple facetted back cut & highly polished Japanese

     Needle with Ribbed Cap-Protective

-   Kink-resistant Catheter with color coded injection port

-   Clear and transparent chamber flash bac



-   Smooth tap rotation

-   Uniform bore through-out ensures maximum infusion-      flow and minimum turbulence

-   Leak proof body withstands pressure up-to ten bars          when applied in normal conditions

-   Screw lure lock ensures safe and secure connection        to lures of other standard systems

-    6% lure-taper is compatible with any standard produce



Three Way Stop Cock integrated with Kink resistant PVC tubing

A perfect module which facilitates drug administration or additional lines together

Smooth tap rotation

Uniform bore through-out ensures maximum infusion-flow and minimum turbulence

Leak proof body withstands pressure up-to ten bars when applied in normal conditions

Screw luer lock ensures safe and secure connection to luers of other standard systems

6% luer-taper is compatible with any standard product



- Kink resistant PVC tubing fitted with male luer lock at one end and female luer lock at the other

-  Best suited to separate administration from insertion site


-  Available in various tube lengths of 10 cms - 200 cms



Compatible and non-reactive with all commonly infused fluids.

Provided with male and female luer lock at either ends, to facilitate secure.

Fitment to all standard equipment.

Sterile, individually packed in peel open soft blister pack.

Smooth internal surface throughout to minimise turbulence



- Suitable for neonatal and pediatric enteral nutritional feeding.

- Distal end is coned with two lateral eyes.

- Proximal end with female luer mount for easy connection to enteral feeding bag connector or luer mount / luer slip syringe.

- Low friction tubing and super smooth tip ensures trauma free intubation.

- Provided with radio opaque line to facilitate accurate location.

- Sterile, straight packed in peelable soft blister pack.



Specially designed for naso gastric introduction for nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion.

Distal end is coned with corrosion resistant stainless steel balls sealed into the tube, to assist the passage of the tubing during intubation.

Four lateral eyes are provided for efficient aspiration and administration.

Super smooth low friction surface facilitates easy intubation.

Provided with X-ray opaque throughout the length.

Sterile / Disposable / Individual Packed.



-  Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control & precise adjustment of infusion rate.

-  Specially designed super strong bevel shaped Sharp Spike Vented and Non-Vented for better penetration.

-  Superior quality of Latex Tube for self-sealing.

Sharp Needle.

-  Specially designed cylindrical collapsible drip chamber with bacteria barrier hydrophobic filter to visualize the flow rate.

-  Options Available: Y Injection Site / Latex Bulb / Luer Slip / with or without Air-Vent / Pouch Packing / Blister (Paper Pouch) Packed / DEHP Free

Country origin INDIA



Specially designed for transfusion of blood and blood components.

Specially designed roller clamp for better flow control & precise adjustment of infusion rate.

Superior quality of Latex Tube for self-sealing.

Sharp Needle.

Drip Chamber - Single Drip / Double Drip with 200-micron filter mesh.

Options Available: Y Injection Site / Latex Bulb / Luer Slip / with or without Air-Vent / Pouch Packing / Blister (Paper Pouch) Packing / DEHP Free.



- IV Infusion Set with well-marked cylindrical calibrated soft PVC measured volume drip chamber for precise fluid administrations.

- Available with bacteria proof venting and injection port for extra medication.

- Automatic shut off valve prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty and it also indicates the level of liquid.

- Specially designed ratchet clump to control the fluid flow.

- Disposable ETD Sterile, Non Toxic, Pyrogen Free.

- Options Available: Y Injection Site / Luer Lock with or without Air Vent / DEHP Free Tubing.


Medlinket – China


Protective Articles

Medical Isolation Mask

Polymer non-toxic PET material Lightweight and comfortable to wear HD anti-fog (anti-fog products only) Blocks droplets and splashes from damaging human faces

Disposable Personal Protective Mask

Scope of application:For covering user’s mouth, nose, and jaw, to provide respiratory protection against droplets, pollen, and PM2.5

AM-806B Temperature Pulse Oximeter

1. Reusable and Disposable products; 2. Veterinary ECG & Temperature probes, big size and small size can be choosed; 3. Kinds of veterinary ECG electrodes for different lead wires; 4. veterinary ECG Cable and Lead Wires, TPU materia

IRT101B Infrared Electronic Ear Thermometer

Portable: One-piece lead wires, smaller size, convenient to store and carry, suitable for emergency first aid, emergency surgery. Safe: Rectal Insertion, Non-Invasive Monitoring, Medical TPU Tube, Comfortable & Skin Care, Disposable Sheath To Prevent Cross Infection, Sensor

MED-LINKET KN95 Earband Folding Anti-Particulate M...

This product is suitable for respiratory protection of industrial dust, sand dust, pollen and other salt particles

Medical Isolation Eye Patches

Ergonomic nose pad design, lightweight and comfortable to wear Made of high-molecular materials, effectively blocking the impact of foreign objects and liquid splashes The lens is made of high-quality transparent PC material, with high light transmission performance and high definition


SpO2 Sensor Extension Cable

1.Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable can be compatible with Masimo,Nihon Konden, Philips, Nellcor, Ohmeda patient monitors. Products are good-looking and durable. 2.The cable length normally are 8 ft.(i.e. 2.45m) or 2.4m, can be customized on demand. 3.Pass the biocompatibility evaluation: all the materials contacted with patients meet the relevant standards ISO1993-5, ISO10993-10. 4. Med-link SpO2 sensor extension cable get CFDA, FDA, TUV IS0 13485 certifications.


Disposable SpO2 Sensor

High precision: Passed the clinical SpO2 precision trial of he First Affiliation Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, our SpO2 sensor is still able to guarantee accuracy of SpO2 value in the case of hypoxemia; Complete certificaton: CFA, FDA, and CE certified; Good compatibility: Compatible with most of domestic and imported brand monitors


Reusable SpO2 Sensor

Product Features: 1. The long line is 3 meters and can be connected directly, less limit to the placement of the instrument, lower cost and longer life; the short line is 0.9 meters, economical and durable, avoiding the cable winding, improving patient comfort; 2. Accurate measurements can be made even under hypoxic conditions; 3. Nearly 1000 kinds of products, various specifications, compatible with most of the domestic and foreign brand monitors. 4.CFDA, FDA, CE and other domestic and foreign certification.


EKG Multi-Link Cable And Lead Wires

Instrument Connectors A variety of 15 pin D-subminiature connector and round type solutions are available in either metal or plastic connectors, over-molded housings and straight or angled flex-reliefs. Connectors are surrounded by insert molded flex-reliefs to protect terminations and extend product life. Trunk Cables The multi-link an 2 meter (80 inch) trunk cable Shielded, low noise cable minimizes microphonic noise and electrical interference. Flex reliefs at the connector and cable yoke provide added durability and reduce conductor breakage. The cable is available in AHA or IEC nomenclature and color coded patient terminations. Lot numbers are included to indicate equipment compatibility and product traceability. Patient end termination Lead wires can be terminated to a variety of patient connectors to mate with adapters or industry standard electrode attachments. Shielded lead wires are jacketed in TPU and have color coded flex reliefs. Lead wires can accommodate 4.7 k, 10k or 20k ohm resistors (snap, grabber, banana and straight pin only).


ECG Electrodes

1. Provides suction electrodes, limb clamp electrodes and veterinary ECG electrodes. 2. ECG electrodes are divided into adult and pediatric types. 3. The products are fit for Din plug, banana plug, and snap lead wires. Veterinary ECG electrodes are fit for 4.0 snap lead wires. 4. Reusable products reduce the costs


Disposable ECG Electrodes

1. Med-link disposable ECG electrodes with extremely excellent electrical performance, dedicated to supporting the use of various ECG equipments, used in operating room, anesthesia, ICU, cardiology and emergency center. 2. TPE medical cable & connector, PVC & plasticizer free. 3. Adopt unique polymerization technology to reduce skin rashes and skin disorders. 4. Adopt high-quality hydrogels to maintain confort of the skin, stablility of ECG signals and endurance adhesion. 5. Got FDA, CE, CFDA, ISO 13485, TUV certificates


Neonatal ECG Electrodes

Product Features: 1.Non-adhesion for clinical use, care of newborn baby skin. 2.Excellent electrical conductivity, reduce the baby discomfort caused by ECG monitoring. 3.Unique structure, strong anti-interference, continuous monitoring newborns ECG, at any time concerned about the ECG of newborns. 4. Owns 100,000 level free-dust clean room, strictly control the neonatal products,products are safe and secure


Radiotransparent Leadwires (RTL)

1.Compatible with Neusoft Medical Systems, biosy Datascope IVY, PHILIPS, GE- Marquette, Datex-Ohmeda, CONMED... 2.When used with Radiotransparent ECG electrodes, the Radiotransparent Leadwires offers a radiotransparent system resulting in an uninterrupted view of the chest during heart catheterizations, x-ray and thallium stress test studies.


ETCO2 Sensor Connector

ETCO2 Sensor Connector Series

The self-developed BA series ETC02 Sensor with high integration level is designed on the basis of the dual waveband, non-dispersive infrared technology combined with the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technique. The proven concentration algorithm is used to draw real-time curve of CO2 and deduct the parameters, such as ETC02, inC02 and RR. The sampling flow rate of BA series CO2 Sensor can be set to a minimum of 50m1/min and could be setup according to different patient groups, such as babies, children and adults. The standard RS232 or TTL communication interface of the system can be quickly integrated into the monitor or other medical systems involved with the need to monitor the CO2. WinLand has nearly 20 years of experience in the production, research and development of infrared breath analyzer. The BA series sensor is the ideal choice for your demand of breath monitoring device with its stability, reliability, flexibi lity and accessibility.


ETCO2 Sampling Cannula Tube

Product Feature:

1.Med-link Provide Mindray PM9000, PM7000, PM6000 series breathing machine, 2550mm, adult use. 2.Med-link ETCO2 gas sampling tubes are made of flexible material. Flexible and bending properties are better than ordinary brand sampling tube. 3.Med-link ETCO2 sampling cannula tub


ETCO2 Water Trap

1.Breathing machine sidestream EtCo2 water trap, is made of medical plastic, safe and secure.



2.Med-link provide 47mm and 57mm adult / pediatric water trap.



3.Products are compatible with Mindray PM9000, PM7000 and PM6000 series and BeneView Patient Monitor


ETCO2 Mainstream Module

1. Simple operation;plug and play 2. Long-term stability;dual waveband, non- disperse infrared technology 3. Long operating life; infrared black body light source with MEMS technology 4. Accurate results; with built-in compensation algorithm for temperature, atmospheric pressure and balance gas 5. Free of calibration; patented calibration algorithm; calibration-free operation 6. With a minimum sampling flow rate of 50ml/min 7. Comprehensive solutions for OEM and ODM of CO2 sensor


ETCO2 Sidestream Module (External)

The model is a stable and reliable end-tidal CO2 module with high integrity,adopting the non-dispersive infrared technology with two wavebands, the latest microprocessor and digital signal processing technique, and proven concentration algorithm. The module can accurately measure the concentration of the end-tidal CO2, the concentration of the inhaled CO2, respiratory rate, etc. with the CO2 curve diagram in a fast and exact manner. The modelis perfectly applicable to person at different age group, such as baby, child and adult. The sampling flow rate is setup on the upper computer, and the minimum rate can be lowered to 50ml/min. The standard RS232 communication interface can help to quickly integrate the model BA220 with the monitor or other medical systems which need CO2.Compatible with Viacom, Massimo, Drow, Philips, Mindray and other brand monitors.


ETCO2 Sidestream Module (Internal)

The module can accurately measure the concentration of the end-tidal CO2, the concentration of the inhaled CO2, respiratory rate, etc. with the CO2 curve diagram in a fast and exact manner. The model BA230 is perfectly applicable to person at different age group, such as baby, child and adult. The sampling flow rate is setup on the upper computer, and the minimum rate can be lowered to 50ml/min. The standard RS232 communication interface can help to quickly integrate the model BA230 with the monitor or other medical systems which need CO2.


ETCO2 External Sidestream Module Accessories



Water Trap, Filter, Sample Line, L-Connector




Disposable Anesthesia Supplies

Anesthesia Depth Sensor/Non-Invasive EEG Sensor

1. Reflecting the excitement or inhibition status of the cerebral cortex, and accurately providing the monitoring and assessment of status of mind awareness to meet clinical needs; 2. Brain electrode is latex free and made with imported conductive adhesive, high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive and it is with low impedance; 3. Passed bio-compatibility test, it is with no cytotoxicity, skin irritation and sensitization; 4. Sensitive measurement, precise data, good adhesion.


Breathing Machine Temperature Sensor

Product Feature: 1.Length 3m,L type probe, 2.5 mono plug, diameter conical 2.ISO13485, CE,CFDA approved. Products meet required standards. Product Function: Temperature probes are connected with patient monitor. Continuously monitor the gas through the anesthesia and respiratory circuit...


Disposable POB Needle

Product Feature:

1.Disposable POB needles are with thin coating, so the needle diameter and flatness does not change and puncture resistance is small. 2.Different types of needle sizes and needle point angles are available. Med-link could provide OEM service. 3.Single-use sterile packaging...


Disposable Products

Disposable NIBP Cuffs

1. Soft and absorbaent material, it is more comfortable for patient; Strong performance in gas filling and releasing. 2. Suitable for various trachea connector and compatible with brand monitors directly. 3. 100,000clean room ensure cleanliness of product, disposable products and anti- static packages. 4. Transparent airbags and trachea, easier to observe skin changes in packaged area. (Hylink series) 5. Soft TPU material, the comfortable feeling. (Hylink series)


Disposable IBP Transducers

1.The product consists of three-way valve connector, pressure transducer chip, exhaust valve, pressure signal output connection and exhaust pipe. 2.The materials are medical PE,PVC,ABS, safe and secure. 3.Monitor precisely, to avoid the non-invasive measurements error due to cuff binding position and cuff tension. 4.Invasively measure blood pressure, even when vital signs in the patient are weak. 5.Disposable pressure transducers avoid the infection among patients.


Disposable ECG Lead Wires

1. The electrode connector center has a small hole, easy to connect to ECG electrode. 2. Lateral push button electrode buckle to reduce the pain of patients. 3. The lead wire can be divided according to patient body bifurcation, to avoid wires got messy and tangled. 4.Single patient use to reduce the risk of cross infection. 5. Various kinds of lead wire connectors, strong compatibility; Compatible with DATEX, GE, PHILIPS, DRAGER, MINDRAY, SPACELABS etc


Disposable ESU Pencil

Product Features


1.Light material and user-friendly exterior design, comfortable to use, reduce the doctors' muscle tension caused by prolonged surgery, lower the risk of surgery. 2.Waterproof structure minimizes the risk of electric shock. 3.Long enough cable, thick enough core, ensure the..


Disposable Breathing Circuits

Product Features

Med-link provide disposable breathing circuit, single use or repeated use for single patient, to avoid cross-infection. Product Functions Disposable breathing circuit is used with breathing machine and anesthesia machine. The main function is to deliver gas to patients, commonly...


Disposable Grounding Pad

1. White foam and non-woven substance with breathable adhesive pasting, Close to the skin and comfortable. High-performance anti-allergy adhesive layer is not easy to fall off, with good adhesion and conductivity. 2.Med-link grounding pad materials all passed the biocompatible test, non-toxic, no stimulation, no allergies. 3.Med-link provide adult,pediatric types, unipolar and bipolar types, single line and non-line types grounding pad. 4.This product can be used one time, as it is one-time sterile product. 5.Med-link could manufacture connectors for different equipments according to the clients' requirements.


Holter Recorder ECG Patient Cable And Lead Wires

Product Feature 1.Divided into: cable and lead wires, one-line lead wires and one-piece lead wires. 2.Med-link holter ECG cables are with double shield to reduce the static interference. 3.Enhance flexibility on both ends of connectors strain reliefs of ECG lead wire to avoid continued damage to to cables and connectors. 4.The splitter has clear color code for the European (IEC) and American (AAMI) marks, allowing faster and easier connection to the lead wires. 5.Various lead wire connectors can match a variety of monitoring instruments. 6.Med-link offers Din 3 Leads, 5 leads, 7 leads, 10 leads ECG lead wires, to meet more monitor requirements. 7.Unshielded lead wire snap user-friendly design and drop-shaped design avoids the confusion of patient end connectors. 8.Complete product certification, CFDA, CE, FDA approved.


Holter ECG Leadwires

1. Unshielded lead wires have the 1.5mm(0.060) DIN socket injection molded at one end and a snap, Grabber injection molded at the other. 2. The snap termination's ergonomic, teardrop design reduces tangling at the patient end connector. 3. Pinch and neo-pinch terminations have dual sided metal contacts to ensure the connection in flex- reliefs.


Holter Blood Pressure Cuffs


Product Feature

1.Products can be reusable, easy to clean and disinfection. Product Function Holter blood pressure cuffs are used in conjunction with the Holter monitor for continuous measurement of blood pressure.



Resuable NIBP Cuffs

1. Gentle TPU, strong enough for repeated inflation; 2. Reusable for multiple patient use; 3. Convenient and easy to clean; 4. Easy-to-use range markers and index line for proper size and placement; 5. Extra hook and loop for added security; 6. Variety of connection types to fit multiplemonitoring systems; 7. Latex-free, PVC-free; 8. Excluding Connector.


Bladderless Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

1. Gentle Nylon+TPU, strong enough for repeated inflation 2. Reusable for multiple patient use 3. Convenient and easy to clean 4. Easy-to-use range markers and index line for proper size and placement • Extra hook and loop for added security 5. Variety of connection types to fit multiplemonitoring systems 6. Latex-free, 7. PVC-free 8. Excluding Connector


NIBP Hoses and Air Hose Connectors (Cuff Side)

NIBP Hoses 1.For connecting cuff with automatic blood pressure meter, electronic blood press meter, manual blood pressure monitor, patient monitor. 2. Available in Adult, Pediatric, and Neonatal styles; 3. 8, 12, and 24-foot lengths permit positioning of the monitor in the room as needed; 4. Durable tubing offers extended tubing life; 5. Secure connection to blood pressure cuffs to prevent air leakage... Air Hose Connectors • Air hose connectors to convert your air hose to use blood pressure cuffs • Variety of shapes and styles • Economical way to standardize your blood pressure monitors throughout your facility


Pressure Infusion Bags

Product Features 1.Med-link disposable pressure infusion bags are made of a certain thickness of the polyurethane, not easy to damage. 2.Large inflatable balloon can be faster and more convenient for inflation; three-way valve helps quickly deflated, no need to squeeze the balloon, simple and fast; 3.PIB adopt white nylon cloth, waterproof and durable. 4.Med-link disposable pressure infuser bags are with pressure indicator. 5.Med-link provides 500ml PIB, 1000 PIB and 3000ml PIB. 6.Pressure Infusion bags are TUV ISO13485, CE approved, with adequate quality assurance


IBP Cables

Product Feature 1.IBP adapter cables mostly are 12ft(3.6m), long enough. 2.IBP cables have various specification, and can be compatible with Nihon Kohden, MEK, Choice, Spacelabs, Drager, Siemens patient monitor etc. 3.Products get CE, CFDA approved. 4.Connectors are inject molding, long lifetime. 5.Can be repeatedly used after high-temperature sterilization


EEG Lead Wires

Product Feature

1.Med-link offers tooth type grabber EEG lead wires and Cup electrode EEG lead wires.

2.Multi-lead EEG lead wires with different colors leads, easy to distinguish.

3.Standard din 1.5mm connector (another 2.0mm pin connector) can be compatible with domestic and foreign EEG equipment.

4. Adopt multi-strand silver plated copper wire, bullet-proof fiber, the German medical grade imported TPU jacket, not only anti-fatigue, bending resistance, high tensile strength, but good softness.

5. Applied equipments: EEG, EMG, sleep monitor


ESU Pencil

Product Feature 1.Disposable ESU pencils and reusable ESU pencils are available.

2.Med-link provides hand control ESU pencil and foot control ESU pencil.

3.Fast cutting speed, good hemostatic effect, safe and secure.

4. Complete product specifications, providing a variety of standards, general...


Medical Endoscopic Light Cable

Product Feature

1.The products are made of Silicone material, not easy to corrosion and break, durable.

2.Endoscopic light cables are made of silicone by injection molding, high temperature and pressure sterilization, for repeated use.

3.The cables length normally is 3m, and OEM service


Bipolar Forceps Cable

Product Feature 1.Euro and US style bipolar forceps cables are available. 2.The cables can be autoclaved at high temperature and pressure. 3.Materials are safe and durable. Product Function Connect with bipolar forceps and electrosurgical instrument, widely used in major electrosurgery


Grounding Pad Cable


Product Feature

1.High temperature and high pressure steam sterilization. 2.Med-link can produce cables with different connectors to match different instruments. Patient return plate cable length 4M or 3M, long enough, to ensure the doctor convenience and patient comfort.



Bipolar Forceps


Product Feature

1.Med-link provides various types of bipolar forceps, to meet more demands. 2.Can be connected to a variety of bipolar forceps cables, suitable for most of the electrosurgical instruments. 3.Can be high temperature and high pressure sterilization, keep stable performance..



One-Piece Series ECG Cable With Wires

1. Snap type and clip type are availble to connect with electrodes. 2. Can directly connect with patient monitor, reduce costs. 3. Med-link one-piece ECG cables can be compatible with Conlin, BCI, Philips, Goldway monitors etc. 4. A wide range of connector types is available to match all monitoring instruments. 5. AHA and IEC mark electrode position, the lead wire can be simply and quickly connected to the electrode. 6. Lead wire connectors are injection molding, strong and durable. 7. Can be reused after high temperature sterilized. 8. Jacket materials mostly are TPE , improve patient comfort. 9. FDA, CFDA,CE approved, quality assured


One-LINE' Series ECG Lead Wires

1. One-line design, the lead wires no need to be separated, and connecting electrodes are simple and clear. 2. One-line ECG lead wires are light and convenient, comfortable to use. 3. ECG cable can be cleaned and reused. 4. The products are compatible with all patient monitors, free-latex. 5. Med-link produces one-line ECG lead wires, applied to adult and pediatric patients. 6. The connectors are divided into Din type, AAMI type, VS type, Euro type, TRU-LINK type. 7. Med-link one-line ECG lead wires get CFDA,CE, FDA certifications.


Neonatal ECG Lead wires

1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal ECG lead wires and reusable neonatal ECG lead wires. 2.Neonatal ECG lead wires are made of polyurethane material. The product appears to be more flexible, soft and comfortable , more suitable for newborn baby.


Neonatal SpO2 Sensors

1.The products applied to neonates, should be wrapped in the soles of the feet.
2.Med-link provide neonatal disposable SpO2 sensors and neonatal reusable SpO2 sensors, forehead SpO2 sensor and neonate wrap SpO2 sensor ( undetachable and detachable). 
3.Neonatal SpO2 Sensor with soft microfoam and Velcro, keep the newborns comfortable. 
4.Med-link neonate SpO2 sensors are applied to Mindray, Masimo, Nihon Kohden, Nonin, Newtech, Nellcor and other domestic and foreign brands of SpO2 monitor. Also provide a variety of SpO2 extension cables to meet more demands.
5.Products pass through the CFDA,FDA, CE certifications, qualified and safe.


Newborn Blood Pressure Cuff

1.Med-link provides disposable neonatal blood pressure cuffs and reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs.
2.Reusable neonatal blood pressure cuffs can be repeated use after disinfection, single tube and two-tube, for newborns arm circumference of 6-11cm. Products are compatible with Philips 78352 A/C, 78354 A/C, M10084A/B, M1176A, M1350B, M3000A, M3001A, M1598B, Colin, Fukada Denshi, Spacelabs, Welch-Allyn patient monitor etc.
3.Disposable neonatal NIBP cuffs, single tube, for newborns arm circumference of 3-11cm, 5 different sizes, compatible with Philips, Siemens, Spacelabs, Colin, Datascope, Protocol patient monitor etc. Two-tube, devised into 5  different sizes by arm circumference, 3-6cm, 4-8cm, 6-11cm,7-14cm, 8-15cm, compatible with Marquette patient monitor and so on. 
4.A wide variety of cuff hoses and hose connectors are available to connect more instruments.
5.Soft and comfortable TPU material cuff, more suitable for neonatal use. Compared with traditional rubber, the performance of charge and discharge is stronger.
6.CFDA certified, free-latex, newborns can be assured use


Neonatal Temperature Probes

Product Feature:
1.The products are applied to Drager, Siemens etc machine. 
2.Neonatal Temperature Probes are majorly skin-surface probes.
Products are CFDA,CE approved. Temperature monitoring could keep the newborn babies safe.
3.Can be repeated use through sterilization. Med-link also provides disposable neonatal temperature probes


Veterinary Monitoring

Portable: Independent sensor, small and easy to carry. Safe: Non-invasive wearing monitoring, medical comfortable TPU material. Easy to use: independent tongue clip probe, pulse & SpO2 real-time continuous monitoring, can be inserted to oximeter directly, also can be used with temperature probe via adapter cable in sub-line common use, higher cost-effective. Compatible with mainstream brand pulse oximeter.


GE Tuff-Sat Handheld Pulse Oximeter

TuffSat comes loaded with standard features such as: Increase validity of SpO2 and pulse rate data using PIr(Perfusion Index measurement) with a quick, easy-to-use clinical tool for a dynamic numeric reflection of perfusion at the sensor site.

Now you can rapidly locate the sensor site with the strongest pulse signal by comparing the perfusion index at different sensor sites. Built tough to go the distance, TuffSat exceeds international durability standards. Reduced cost of ownership, reduced operational cost, that's what the Datex Ohmeda Tuff Sat offers.

And, the hard working Datex GE TuffSat is water-resistant for optimal protection in all conditions. Confident, one-hand operation. The TuffSat is lightweight, has an ergonomic design that provides simple, one-hand operation. This handheld offers excellent visibility in all light conditions with its large, backlit LCD displays easy-to-read numerics.

The Tuff Sat Handheld Pulse Oximeter from Datex Ohmeda/GE Medical is recommended in monitoring during Chriropractic procedures by Dr Michael Johnson and in the Pettibon System.

TuffSat's new popular colors offer a better way to keep track of your portable oximeter and it fits in your pocket or is conveniently worn using the included carrying case with belt clip.

The Tuff Sat Handheld Pulse Oximeter by Datex Ohmeda includes:

 The Tuff Sat unit,

1 reusable Datex Oxy Tip Adult Finger Sensor with 1 year warranty,

Carrying case with belt clip,

Tuff Sat Operators' manuals,4 AA batteries,


Bed, electric, 4 sections, abs mattress platform, height adjustment with compass movement, translating backrest, electrically adjustable trend / reverse trend, integrated bed lengthener, battery included

4-section electric bed, 3 of which jointed and 1 fixed centrally. Mattress platform made of ABS. Base frame of welded and epoxy-coated steel pipes, with wheels provided with thermoformed ABS covers. Frame provided with insertion points for patient lifting pole and I.V. poles at the 4 corners. Height adjustment with a maximum lifting load of 260 kg. Operator control handset (SUPERVISOR) with dedicated software for the exclusive use of specialized personnel by which the functions of the secondary push-button handset for the patient can be inhibited. The secondary push-button handset can be integrated in the safety sides. Push-button handsets with on/off indicator led and sound warning for inhibited functions. Backrest with 11 cm automatic translation during adjustment. Emergency CPR control. Manually adjustable footrest. Removable bed ends in plastic material with colour inserts. Sound alarm warning when the bed is connected to the power grid and the wheels are not blocked. Integrated pull-out bed lengthener, adjustable in two positions by handle. Epoxy powders coating finish, with antibacterial additive.

In compliance with technical norm EN 60601-2-52.

Technical data:

Mattress platform dimensions: cm 200x87 for a mattress compatible with the type of safety-side selected (In compliance with technical norm EN 60601-2-52).

Mattress platform dimensions with maximum vv extension: cm 200+33x87

Overall dimensions without side rails cm 218x93

Overall dimensions with side rails on cm 218x99 (max)

Mattress platform height min cm 40 max cm 80

Backrest section 0°- 70°

Knee section 0°- 35°

Leg section from '16° to + 11° (as against the horizontal)

Trendelenburg/Reverse-trend. +17°/- 17°

Weight of the bed (without accessories) 100 kg

Safe working load 260 kg


Hydraulic stretcher for emergency (inthes), variable heigh on 2 columns, mattress platform in plastic laminate, 4 sections, trendelenburg/reverse trendeleneburg, 5th wheel

Hydraulic stretcher in epoxy-coated steel with variable height on 2 columns, with trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg.
Hydraulic control pedals on both sides (trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, variable height).
Mattress platform completely made of radio-transparent stratified laminate in 4 sections. Predisposition for the insert of the sliding X-ray cassette tray.
Base with housing for oxygen cylinder, double storage for I.V. pole and clothes holder. Short wheel base 117 cm.
Removable handlebar at foot side and fold-down handles at head side. Folding side rails with fast descent.
Wheels diam. 200 mm with simultaneous locking system. Directional fifth wheel, deactivable with control pedal.
BioCote antibacterial treatment. Safe working load 240 kg. Mattress platform dim. cm 200x65. Overall dim. cm 211x79x61/94h


Stainless Steel Utility Cart





Metro MW205 Super Erecta 18" x 36" x 38" Three Shelf Standard Duty Stainless Steel Utility Cart 3 shelves






Medication cart 48 Bins


Cart can carry as many as twenty-four cassettes at one time, reducing the number of trips required. • Cassettes are accessible from both sides of the cart. • A variety of dimensions are offered: single and double widths, three heights: 42", 45" and 48" (1060, 1136 and 1212mm). • Medication Cassette Transfer Cart was designed to be used in conjunction with the Starsys Unit Dose medication system.



Super Erecta Stainless Steel 4 Shelving with wheel

Metro’s stainless steel shelving addresses a wide range of requirements for most applications, while providing excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring long life and maximum value for your investment.  Electro polished Type 304 stainless steel shelves assemble in minutes without tools creating a rigid support unit for optimal load bearing performance.

Metro Super Erecta Shelves open-wire design minimizes dust accumulation, allows a free circulation of air and greater visibility of stored items.  These shelves can be repositioned at precise 1" (25mm) increments along the length of the SiteSelect Posts and shelves separately. Each shelf includes (1) bag of split sleeve


Footboard with two steps



Epoxy-coated steel tube structure. Anti-slip top covering on steps. Dim. 40x44xh18/35 cm.




Pedigo Products Step Stool Nesting 1-Step Steel 6 Inch

Extra Large platform

Slip resistant corrugated rubber top surface

Heavy gauge legs and handles

Tip resistant design

Can stack safely for increased height and interlock to create larger platform


3175/4BC : Mobile Commode with Detachable Backrest


1. 12.5cm swivel type brake castors
2. Detachable back
3. Push handle
4. Flame retardant upholstered over seat and backrest
5. Plastic bowl – removable
6. Toilet clearance is 50cm



Examination couch, 2 sections, fixed height

Examination couch, 2 sections, fixed height. Painted steel frame. Adjustable back with a gas pump with lever on both sides. Fireproof padding and
upholstery made of Sky, washable and fireproof.
Maximum height 74 cm.
Safe working load 200 kg. Dim. cm 190x63x74 h.


Vital sign monitor

The CLEO table top vital sign monitor accurately measures pulse oximetry (SpO2) and pulse, and non-invasive blood pressure.  The CLEO is a sturdy, yet small lightweight monitor incorporating an easily visible touch-screen LCD display.  Addressing the end user’s specific needs, the CLEO can be built with any one of the above or a combination of the vital sign functions.

The clinician will find the menu and software simplistic and easy to navigate. The CLEO vital sign monitor is well suited for both continuous bedside monitoring and spot check monitoring. The CLEO operates by a re-chargeable lithium battery or AC power.  Optional wall mounts and rolling stands are also available for CLEO


Oxygen Regulator

This adjustable click style oxygen tank regulator uses a CGA870 connection with barb (optional DISS) outlet and operates at 50 PSI. At only 6.625" in body length this regulator is extremely compact and weighs only 1.10 lbs. To ensure safety, reliability, and durability, this regulator is manufactured from brass and aluminum.

The 0-4 LPM regulator can be set to 0, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, or 4 LPM. The 0-8 LPM can be set to 0, 1/8, 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 LPM. The 0-15 LPM regulator can be set to 0, 1/2, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, or 15 LPM.
All flow rate indicators are labeled in fractions for easy reading. The regulator includes an impact resistant gauge with gauge cover and is anodized in dark green.


Hospital bed mattress air pump DECUBIMAT 370


HICO-DECUBIMAT 370 features a large-cell, 2-chamber alternating pressure mattress for the pain-relieving positioning of patients (up to 160 kg weight) suffering from pressure ulcers. Properties Patient weight adjustable within a range of 40 to 160 kg 2-chamber large-cell mattress with CPR valve and static head cell Transport mode and static pressure for soft support High lying comfort thanks to breathable, non-slip mattress cover (PU-coated, bi-elastic nylon) Low noise and vibration levels

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